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Letter to the Editor: Etiquette is the word



My family and I attended the high school choir Christmas concert last evening. I happen to know that these young people and their instructor Mr. Pinedo work very hard to perfect the beautiful music they make, all for our enjoyment.

Why is it then that the audience does not give them the attention and the respect that they deserve? I simply do not understand why people who are not going to listen to the music even come to these events; they spoil it for those of us who really do want to listen. Between the people gabbing all around us during the performance or the uncontrolled children banging the seats or the cell phones ringing it was very difficult to enjoy. There was not time during the concert when there wasn't any number of people simply walking around in the auditorium during the music. Honestly, if you can't sit still and be quiet for 60 minutes or you can't turn off your cell phone for an hour don't ruin it for the rest of us.

Sadly, this is nothing new, but don't our student performers deserve better? The key word is etiquette; it is not a new concept nor is it difficult to understand.

My apologies to all of the choir members and to Mr. Pinedo.

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