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Racquetball Tournaments at BDAC Yields Winners

Involved in the tournament were Mike Mayer, Rick Adams, Guy Adams and Tom Stefanoff.

Racquetball is a fast and exhilerating sport. Carbon County has some very good courts located in the BDAC on the College of Eastern Utah campus. Those courts can be rented to be used by the public and periodically the management of the BDAC holds tournaments.

Recently some of those tournaments just concluded, and there were some big winners.

In the doubles tournament the first place team was Tom Stefanoff and Mike Mayer. Second place was taken by Brad Jarvis and Rinji Gregersen. Third place was held by Dave Wood and Rusty Woodruff.

In the advanced singles tournament Gregersen took first place, Stefanoff took second and Rick Adams took third.

In the intermediate tournament Justin Hanson took first, Alden Moon took second and Jimmy Ori took third.

The BDAC will hold another doubles tournament on Jan. 4-5. For more information contact the BDAC.

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