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Carbon soccer team kicking their way through the season

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The Carbon High soccer team has come a long way since the beginning of the season. The team is coming off of two of their most competative games which were held at Dino field this past week. Ball handling skills and technique are some of the most notable improvements, plus the scoring of several goals in the past few games.

The Carbon High Dinos soccer team is coming along quiet well. Although the team continues to work toward their first win this season, the Dinos have not lost their confidence. In fact, if anything, the team seems more determined than ever to prove what a talented team they really are.

The Dinos hosted two home games last week, starting with the match up against North Sanpete on April 10. The match up found the Dinos pressuring the Hawks at both ends of the field. For the first time all season, the Dinos gave their opponents a highly competative game.

The Dinos have struggled all season to maintain control of the ball. The team's ball handling skills have turned around and allowed the Dinos to score two goals against the Hawks.

Despite the two goals made by Carbon, the Hawks managed to complete five, giving the Dinos another heartbreaking loss.

The closely competative game served as a milestone for the Dinos season. For the first time all year, the Dinos held their own against a strong team. The Hawks who are currently 3-1, had a difficult time against the Dinos. This proved that the Dinos, despite having not yet won a game, are a strong competitior in region eight play.

The Dinos returned to play on April 12, to host Wasatch Academy. This game was one that the Dinos had looked forward to. Neither team had yet to win a game this season. The two struggling teams found this game as an opportunity to not only chalk up a victrory, but to also use the game as a time to improve the quality of play.

Improve is exactly what the Dinos continued to do. The game found the two teams battling it out for a region win. The Dinos successfully scored a season high four goals against the Tigers. Unfortunately, the Tigers squeaked away with a victory, 5-4.

Dinos head coach Ted Bianco looks optimistic when discussing the remainder of the season. "This is a young team. They have come a long ways since the beginning of the season. By scoring goals alone, proves that this team has really come along," explained Bianco.

The team will continue to work towards its first season win as they hit the field Wednesday to take on Grand County.

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