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Letter to the Editor: no power plants

Salt Lake


I agree with the Sierra Club and the Grand Canyon Trust in objecting to new coal-fired power plants near Lynndyl, Millard County, and Sigurd, Sevier County.

I also want to stop the added pollution these would bring, even though they would be among the cleanest coal-fired plants in the U.S.

Does this sound like half an enviro plan? It would stop the added pollution but would not provide the electrical power that is needed. And we can be assured the power is needed or these plants wouldn't be proposed at a combined cost of two billion dollars.

To make a complete plan, avoiding the pollution while providing the electric power, they should build nuclear power plants. In 50 years of nuclear operations, no harm has come to U.S. persons or the environment. Compare with U.S. coal plants which kill 30,000 per year, according to air pollution studies by C. Arden Pope at BYU. The most deadly coal emissions are apparently the PM2.5, or particles down to 2.5 microns in size, the hardest ones to remove.

The choice is clear: scores of Utah air pollution deaths each year plus daily haze, versus no deaths.

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