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Carbon and Emery counties should be one in spirit

Sun Advocate community editor

A little less than a hundred years ago, Carbon and Emery counties split from each other. Up until that time they both fell under the geographical designation of Emery County.

The reasons for the split were varied and complex, somewhat due at least to the fact that the railroad had provided an economic base for the Price area that didn't exist for the rest of the county.

So Carbon and Emery are like siamese twins that were once conjoined, but have lived a long time since the separation apart, yet always connected by memories, traditions, issues and yes, even relatives.

While many don't like to admit it, the two counties are as dependent on each other as any two could be. Many people have jobs that take them one way or the other across the county line. Others have business interests in both counties. Both draw on similar water resources from the same places. Each county is dependent on the energy industry for the bulk of the best jobs.

When I moved here as a neophyte from the Wasatch Front 14 years ago this month, I thought the entire area was pretty much the same. The interests seemed very common and the needs seemed the same too. However I soon learned that some people from Carbon County had disdain for those from Emery and visa versa.

Many places, even within the same county are divided socially, but when it comes to fighting for the interests of the place, people band together. On some issues Emery and Carbon have often done that, and in fact are presently doing that now on some issues.

Unfortunately, even with that cooperation however, there are those in both counties that don't trust the other, as they speculate about hidden agendas and unscrupulous actions. I know that some of these feelings are based on past experience, and that kind of mind set is hard to overcome.

But the fact is that if Castle Valley as a whole is going to thrive, those kinds of concepts need to be set aside. While differences will always remain between the two, the two counties should always be at least one, in spirit.

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