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Letter to the Editor: Need etiquette at events



Attending local school programs and concerts, community plays, special events, culture connection performances and CEU productions has been delightful and entertaining.

My concern lies in the distractions within the audience. Living in a mostly informal community can be refreshing. However, we should recognize events which deserve formalities.

Simple expressions of etiquette should include: not exiting through doors during musical numbers, chewing gum, using whispering voices when speaking is necessary, taking our restless young children for a walk in the foyer, and finally, turning off cell phones. (Some calls can be necessary, yet owners of phones can quietly respond outside closed auditorium doors.)

These etiquette standards, which also include many more, have been taught and observed for years. As an audience, we should meet these standards.

Our attitude, actions and dress are non-verbal forms of communication which delivers a clear message of honor and respect.

The talented and hardworking directors, conductors, performers and participants deserve the rewards of both an excellent performance and a classy audience (expressed through standards and formalities).

May we do our part.

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