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Dancers compete in local meet

Recently the Eagle Dancers from the College of Eastern Utah sponsored their annual Castle Country Dance Competition fund raiser. Dancers from age five and up competed. Here are the winners.

Division one: Solo

•Jessica Ketchum-First

•Kamrie Siummons-Second

Division one: Duet

•Mallorie Bradley and Lexi Monson-First

Division three: Solo

•Miranda Averett- First

•Kayla Deters-Second

•Shelby Wilson-Third

•Stacie Faxon-Fourth

Division 3: Duet

•Jaci Cook and Shelby Wilson -First

•Chantel Jensen and Amber Fralick-Second

Division 5: Solo

•Lindsey Sielatycki-First

•Brianne Pinado-Second

•Shauna O'Hearon-Third

Team competition

•Natalie Rowley, Jeneal Needles, Fiona Narcelino, Alexis Avery-First

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