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Pulling out a great idea

Kenny Parish has had an interest in mechanics most of his life. The avid stock car racer has recently invented a device called the bearing puller, which helps save the bearing and remove it from a vehicle.

Kenny Parish was a coal miner but had worked as a mechanic most of his life. Painting and restoring cars has been his hobby most of his life. In his efforts under the hoods he often made tools to do the things he needed done.

One particular time back in 1996 he couldn't get a bearing out and in frustration created a tool that would pull out the pilot shaft bearing. He later learned that no one had ever created such a tool and sent in a picture of it to an invention company explaining how it worked and how he it was developed.

Recently Invention Technologies, a marketing company that assists inventors to distribute their new products, announced that the bearing puller was on the market, thanks to the efforts of Price native Kenny Parish.

The bearing puller is a unique device that satisfies a prevalent need. This innovative creation has been specially designed to save the bearing and remove it from a vehicle. It eliminates the strain and frustration involved in conventional practices, appealing to a huge market of individuals. Proprietary design feature permits convenience and efficiency.

Inventor Kenny Parish began developing the bearing puller a few years ago but just registered it in June of this year. "I just wanted to create an ingenious device that consumers would marvel over," he says.

This original idea is now being made available for licensing to manufacturers interested in new product development, especially in the automotive products industry. Parish is hoping to have the bearing puller in full production and available to the public within the very near future.

Additional information about the bearing puller can be obtained by contacting the publicity department of Invention Technologies, Inc. at 800-940-9020 ext. 285 or at

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