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Making a difference

Sun Advocate publisher

Three years ago last week I drove into Carbon County heading for Price to assume my new job as publisher of the Sun Advocate and Emery County Progress. I had never been to Utah before, but I had been with Brehm Communications for a couple years at that point and was excited to get a chance to move up to a publisher's position in the company. A lot of things have happened in three years and now some 468 editions later, (312 of these being the Sun Advocate) I sit here reflecting my role in the community.

I am really glad I have always been the eternal optimist. Usually I see situations and problems as they can be and could turn out and then I strive to do my part in making dreams come true. I love small communities and have always thrived on their dynamics. I like it when I walk through Albertsons or have lunch at Farlaino's Cafe and people talk to me about the community and the newspaper. Because of my personality and interest in making a better community I am involved in a lot of groups, clubs, committees and movements. I became involved with the Kiwanis right away and soon after that my interest gravitated to the Tourism Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, Helper Arts Festival, Price's Downtown Alive, the CEU Prehistoric Museum, and the United Way.

I am amazed at the large numbers of people living in Carbon County who really make a difference. Almost every week something exciting happens that is a direct result of hard work, determination and a commitment to make ours a better community.

One of the most impressive gatherings I have seen to date here in Carbon County occurred last Thursday night at the Elk's Club where almost 300 people gathered to launch the Southeastern Utah Energy Producers Association. Spawned by a group of seven invested businessmen in Carbon County, the gathering brought together members of numerous energy and energy-related industries. Energy development and production has always played a major role in the economy and many people feel its high time that all the factions (coal, gas, power generation and transportation) come together with education, politics and suppliers.

The feeling was upbeat and the group was energized by the high number of supporters and the potential of working together.

Another bright spot this past year is the new, improved Chamber of Commerce. To date we have assisted in 33 ribbon cuttings in Price and Helper alone. Most of these are new or remodeled businesses. Two more are planned for today. Merchant groups have started and are working really hard in both Helper and Price.

The Helper Alliance group is busy planning marketing strategies and growing in both numbers and support. The Downtown Alive committee in Price formed earlier this year and have already sponsored two very successful activities with their Holiday Spectacular that is about to kick-off this week.

Although these are but a few instances I could name dozens. Mayor Piccolo's positive outlook on community development and improvement is contagious. The recent announcement that Price is one of the top small cities in the nation to live in is an example of what a little bit of hard work can do for our future.

The teams that deal with tourism, travel, and conventions have had several incredible years planning strategy and developing ideas to increase our exposure and lure people to our numerous natural wonders.

The backbone of any community is its volunteers and those who work tirelessly behind the scenes. I have never seen a more organized and energetic group of leaders as I do here in Carbon County.

Our energy is contagious and our excitement can bring others into the fold as we trudge ahead. A difference is being made and our future is brighter because of so many people's commitment. No goal or dream is too small and with continued determination our tomorrow's can be better than our yesterdays.

I could never have imagined what I was getting into on that cloudy, overcast day the first time I drove down Price's Main Street in late 2001. As I look back with pride, I also look ahead with promise.

Each of us make a difference.

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