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Sports view: it's been a weird year in sports all around

Sports editor

It's truly been a weird year in sports, or at least in some quarters.

Who would have thought on Jan. 1 that the Detroit Pistons would win the NBA Championship, especially against a Laker team with four future hall of famers on it.

Who would have thought that the American Olympic Basketball team would take the bronze medal, when our country had won the gold for so long few can remember the game in 1971 when a group of college players lost to it to a Soviet "professional team."

Who could have guessed that the Utes football team would be so good that they are ranked in the top six in the BCS rankings and, if they go undefeated for the rest of the season, could be the first non-BCS team invited to one of the big bowls.

Finally, but certainly not the last in the oddities of the year, come the Boston Red Sox, a team few people thought would ever beat the curse of the bambino.

In my very small microcosm of the world, these are interesting, in fact astounding events. So what could happen next year?

Maybe the Los Angeles Clippers will win their first NBA title.

Maybe Miami will make a big turn around and be in the 2005 Superbowl.

Possibly Fresno State from the Western Athletic Conference will end up playing the University of Utah for the NCAA mens basketball championship in St. Louis, with the final four including the BYU and Utah State.

Maybe after coaching BYU to the final four, Steve Cleveland takes the mens coaching job at UCLA and BYU hires Rick Majerus, (who by that time has lost 200 lbs. and changed his religion in the process as well) to take over their basketball program.

As a result Jeff Judkins then leaves the BYU womens coaching job to take over Utah States men's program after Stew Morrill gets the head job at the University of Colorado, where he can get the chance to crush Colorado State every year.

Just maybe the new Real Salt Lake MLS soccer franchise will repeat the success of the old Utah Stars basketball organization in it's first year and bring Utah the major league kick ball championship.

Could Lance Armstong win a seventh Tour de France, and then retire and decide to move to Utah and start a huge, similar race that would travel through Utah, Colorado and Wyoming, called the Tour de Utopia?

Could the Salt Lake Stingers win the PCL with the best record in minor league history?

Maybe Ron McBride could come back to Utah and takes over the Weber State football program.

Or maybe Lavell Edwards, tired of sitting around the house and watching football on television, will move to Laramie and takes the coaching job at the University of Wyoming after Mike Breske resigns to go back to his alma mater, South Dakota, to coach.

Maybe Urban Myer will sign a 10 year contract with the University of Utah swearing he would rather build a power in Salt Lake than spend time on the beach in Florida.

And maybe, next fall, it will be the Chicago Cubs turn to win the World Series.

And if not them, then let it be the poor Padres.

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