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Letter to the Editor: Pass on the history



I first met Helen Papanikolas at the Woman's Conference at CEU. She gave a speech about the women of the mining towns of Carbon County. I laughed so hard, the stories were so wonderful, and she made proud the history of this place.

I'm not from here. My husband and I moved here from Chicago in 1994. It was Helen's speech that started me learning about my new home. I read her books, and 'The History of Carbon County', the stories of Butch Cassidy and the other outlaws, and of course, 'Coal Camp Doctor'.

We may only have a hundred of so years of history here, but it is a very colorful history that must never be forgotten. I appreciate Helen for making me realize the value of our local history and for saving the stories of those who came here before me.

I'll make sure to pass those stories on.

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