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Risque Beauty Salon

Sherri Mills

Sherri Mills owns and operates Risque Beauty Salon with a full line of Redken products. She is a fanatic when it comes to putting chemicals on people's hair. "I have to because when coloring hair, every client has their own exclusive formula. It requires a whole lot of mixing.

She spent her early years in Huntington and graduated from Utah Technical College. After graduation she worked in Salt Lake City for Howard Ford at the Halmar High Styling Salon. Later she moved to Carbon county and managed the Dragerton Beauty Salon.

She has owned and operated Risque Beauty Salon in Helper since 1972. Following the mines' slowdown she gradually began handling everything by herself. Clients came from all over, including Price, East Carbon, Huntington, Elmo and Cleveland. She even get a few from Provo and Salt Lake.

Over the years she has never stopped learning and getting many degrees in her 44 years in the business. "For an old lady I still do the short punky hair styles or whatever is in style," she says, adding, "When complimented on my knowledge my answer is always, No I'm just "Mathusala." I've been in the business so long. If you don't know it by now there is something wrong."

Sherri concludes, "My business is so gratifying. You are so appreciated and so loved on a daily basis. You become so close to your clients that their families become your extended family. What could be better than that."

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