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Anew Essentials

Marilyn Harber

Anew Essentials - Aromatherapy Solutions, 435-637-1397, is owned by Marilyn Harber and has been a success in Price for over three years.

Anew Essentials, has an active web presence and offers over 260 quality products to area residents, Body Glo Day Spa, CEU Cosmetology, and consumers nationwide.

Marilyn is a registered occupational therapist, graduated from Indiana University Medical Center, and has studied holistic health and wellness, teachings for over 20 years.

Anew Essentials specializes in custom essential oil blending for alternative health care, and offers effective sinusitis, eczema relief, holiday gifts, bath and body care, hair growth tonics, and natural baby skin care.

Marilyn blends essential oils for Boston's Children's Hospital, and is currently working with Harvard dermatologists to develop natural remedies for children suffering Alopecia Areata, a condition of hair loss.

Marilyn is a member of the International Healers Association and a certified Reiki practitioner. Reiki (ray key), is an ancient Tibetan healing art, balancing energy centers that correspond to the endocrine and nervous systems and is used to treat chronic pain and many other health related conditions. For information, email, call 435-637-1397.

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