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Fitness World

Jerri Timothy

Jerri Timothy started teaching aerobics in April of 1982 and is still working in the field today now operating Fitness World, total aerobic fitness and Pilates in downtown Price.

She taught Jazzworks in Powell, Wyo. and Laramie, Wyo. In 1987 she became the Wyoming and Montana audition and workshop supervisor and trained instructor. She also held seminars and workshops on exercise physiology. After jazzworks retired I changed to bodyworks with other instructors.

After moving to Price, she started teaching step aerobics and called my program "Total Aerobic Fitness" still using weights and bands, but using the step during the cardio segment. "With the great response of my program I started to train instructors, and talked my husband into finally fulfilling my dream of having my own gym, so we worked together on carrying out Fitness World."

I trained Nicole Gold, Nanette Alberts, and Laci Wilson Vasquez. All bring experience to the classes.

Fitness World offers membership benefits and non-membership benefits. The membership benefits include the use of the weight room, locker rooms, any aerobic classes, and tanning is only $2 per session. Non-member benefits include a daily pass for use of the weight room or aerobic classes or both. Tanning is only $3 a session. Other individual services include massage, karate, and belly dancing.

Fitness World always has someone on staff to help you with your personal fitness goals. We have weight lifting programs. Weight and measurement charts for keeping track of your results. A seven-day diet program from the four basic food groups is also available.

Jerri says, "Fitness World and the staff care about you. We offer motivation and encouragement to help you with your fitness goals."

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