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Letter to the Editor: Opinion has changed

Spring City


Four years ago I had faith that George Bush was really what this nation needed, a strong leader with strong values. And I have had confidence that George's values would guide his decision making as president of this country.

But watching these debates and the news from Iraq has changed my opinion about this president. John Kerry has not mentioned it but 15,000 U.S. soldiers have returned to this country from Iraq with serious injuries that they will have to cope with for the rest of their lives. When George Bush mentioned that he's funding the V.A. hospitals a thought came to me, "Well, I sure hope so."

And then it hit me; during this debate. I am no longer a Bush supporter. I didn't even want to tell my wife. It will be an embarrassment to me at work and with my friends and I will tell them all, when I figure out the right way to do it. But tonight I realized, I had been planning to vote for George W. Bush for only two reasons. The first, because I had done it before and second, because everyone around me was going to do it. Well no more, thank you very much.

There may be a few points in which Senator Kerry and I differ but I, like millions of Americans, am having to pay for health insurance out of my own pocket. That's a huge expense. I try to do the right thing. I know lots of people who just don't even try to buy any. Well at least I do and if John Kerry has a plan to help ease the close to four hundred bucks I have to spend out of pocket every month I'm willing to give him a shot in the driver's seat.

To be honest, I, like lots of people, voted for George because I was angry at the previous administration. Well, that was a long time ago. I'm not going to waste my vote on a man who saves millionaires and billionaires hundreds of thousands of dollars on their taxes while I am coughing up four hundred bucks a month for health insurance.

All of my friends at work are going to howl. Too bad. I don't have to vote for Bush just because I did last time. And I sure as heck don't have to vote for him this time just because my friends are.

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