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Letter to the Editor: Questions outdoorsmen for Bush



As I watch President Bush actively targeting the votes of sportsmen, outdoorsmen and hunters, I am alarmed at the rush to embrace his administration on this issue!

In June of this year, the BLM auctioned off 203,077 acres of public land in Utah for gas and oil exploration, 16,000 of those acres are within the Manti La Sal National Forest. About 17 million acres of BLM land are available for gas and oil leasing while less than 5 million acres are closed to development (the BLM holds largest federal lands auction in Utah history, NRDC).

I remember our family camping/hunting in the La Sal National Forest as a child. Over the years I have watched it change drastically. From a forest of trees with a multitude of animals that was open to all comers, to patches of forest with a lot less wildlife marred and tracts of development bearing a multitude of signs stating "Keep Out!" or "No Tresspassing!" These signs seem to be cropping in nearly every place we used to be able to visit and enjoy.

Think about it. Look deep into your heart and ask yourself "When all the land is gone, where will I be able to be an outdoorsman, a sportsman, a hunter?"

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