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Carbon cross country participates in state run

Sports editor

As with all high school sports, the holy grail of running in cross country is making it to the state championships.

And then of course there is winning it.

While Carbon High's cross country team did not win the state championship, and none of it's runners were in the top 10 just getting there was a lot of fun and being there was even better.

"I think the kids had a great time," says assistant coach Stewart Foster.

Each year the state holds it's main cross country meet at Sugarhouse Park in Salt Lake. Unlike most other state sports venues all the classifications of schools (5A, 4A, 3A ,2A, 1A) come to this one event, and often the big schools dominate the best times.

Not in this case though. Pat Smyth of Judge Memorial, a 3A school won the individual time with a 15:34, undercutting his nearest competition by nine seconds. His team also took the 3A competition.

"It was wet and miserable," says Foster about the run and the even the coaching. "I had a jacket on that should have repelled the rain, but it soaked clear through."

Runners slogged through wet grass and across soaked pavement to put in their times.

Carbon's boys team finished 12th overall. The top team from Region 8, where the Dinos participate in the regular season were Lehi, which placed 3rd in the boys 3A division.

The top finisher for the Dinos was Paul Goodrich who placed 17th, followed by David Goodrich at 35th. Altogether there were 105 boys participating.

For the girls Michaleen Loveless led the Lady Dinos followed closely by Paige Morley and Katie Hobbs. Carbon's girls team took 14th overall, and was the top finisher of any Region 8 team at state.

The Carbon boys team was also represented at state by Jacob Perez, Ted Prettyman, Zac Burdick, Kent Olson and Tyler Munns.

The Lady Dino team was represented, in addition to the top three finishers, by Ashley Anderson, Jana Burrows, Lyn D' Anderson and Shenna Draper.

"Despite the wet conditions I think that the kids did very well at state," stated Foster. "They all did a great job."

Now comes the long winter and preparation for track in the spring. Most runners who do cross country also run long distance races then as well.

And that will be another chance to show their stuff at state.

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