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Students from Carbon County schools earn awards, recognition at regional science event competition

Students from the Carbon County School District recently traveled to Cedar City to participate in the regional science fair.

Several students from the local schools placed at the competition.

In the junior division, Tammy Erickson placed first in behavioral and social science, while Vanessa Hunt finished third.

In the biochemistry event, John Sampinos placed first in the junior division.

In the botany category, Justin Stout placed third in the junior division, while Ashley Hardy finished second in the senior division.

The chemistry category found several local students fairing well in the event.

Bonnie Peterson placed first in the junior chemistry division.

In the senior chemistry division, Chris Hanson placed first at the regional competition and Azia Dansie finished in third place.

Daniel Green placed second in the senior division under the category of computer science.

Also finishing strong in the senior division, Bradley Bunnell placed first in earth and space science.

James McKendrick placed first and Kimberly Bunnell finished in third place in the junior division of the earth and space science category.

The engineering category found Nick Parker placing second in the junior division, while Garth Pitts placed second in the senior division.

Seth Wells finished second while Tiffany Taylor placed third in the junior division under the category of environmental science.

Cortney Lui placed third in the senior gerontology division and Chris Hackford placed first in the senior mathematics division.

Medicine and health represented a productive category for local students who finished strong at the regional science competition

In the junior division, Nick Deeter finished in first place and Megan Garvin placed third. In the senior division, Alisha Martinez took home a second place finish.

In the junior microbiology division, Glenna Etzel placed second along with Hunter King who also took home second place.

In the senior microbiology division, Danelle Rigby placed second and Alexis Avery finished in third place.

Paige Fang placed first in the junior physics division, while Trent Greenhalgh finished in third place in the senior division.

Specialized awards were also handed out to participants at the regional science fair event.

Several students from the Carbon County area were recipients of the specialized science fair awards.

In the international science fair category, Alisha Martinez and Bradley Bunnell, both from Carbon High School, received the award.

The conservation international recognition was presented to Glenna Etzel and Seth Wells.

The Eastman Kodak recognition was presented to Brad Bunnell and David Goodrich.

Vanessa Hunt was awarded the Herbert Hover presidential library association recognition at the regional event.

In addition, Garth Pitts received the NACE international honor at the regional science fair.

The United States Army awards were presented to John Sampinos and Paige Fang in the junior division.

Chris Hanson, Chris Hack-ford, Maren King, Cameron Oliver, Trent Greenhalgh, Jacob Mantz and Brad Bunnell captured U.S. Army awards in the senior division at the regional science fair competition.

Mantz and Bunnell also garnered the gold medallion awards at the regional science competition.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recognition was presented to Chris Hanson.

Rachele Raich received the U.S. Metric Association award at the event.

The U.S. Navy-Marine Corps recognition went to Brent Williams in the junior division.

Cortney Lui, Danielle Rigby, Chase Norton, Trent Greenhalgh, and Maren King all received the U.S. Navy-Marine Corps honor in the senior division.

The Association of Women Geoscientists award went to Kim Bunnell, while the YALE science and engineering association regional science fair honor went to Garth Pitts from Carbon High School.

Nick Snyder was awarded the U.S. Bureau of Land Management award and Maren King achieved second place recognition in the Southern Utah Dental Society category at the regional competition.

Finally, Brent Williams received the U.S. Air Force award in the junior division, while Chase Norton and Azia Dansie received the honor in the senior division.

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