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Letter to the Editor: Small town hospitality at its best

Benton City, Wash.


When our truck broke down over Labor Day weekend we experienced small town hospitality at it's best - from the stranger who towed us in to Tracy the policeman who helped us find a church and rental car. Also in that list is Jessica at the rental place who brought it to us (on a holiday weekend!). Also to the crew at the local car dealership (Jesse, Josh & Mike especially) who went out of their way to get us back on the road as quickly as possible. Then there were the waitresses, store clerks and hotel personnel who were all concerned about our situation and showed it in many ways and especially to our new found "family" at Freedom Christian Fellowship; Tim, Patty and Krystal.

You have a community you can be proud of because of people like these. We will never be able to pass by Price again and not be reminded of the kindness shown to us, we will recommend to all our friends traveling in that area to stop and stay a few days and experience friendliness that is out of the common place in this day and age we live in.

God bless your town.

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