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Letter to the Editor: Cell drivers dangerous



In the past several weeks, I have become concerned about a number of unwary drivers in the area. Lacking any kind of awareness, they drive to and fro, from place to place without watching where they're going.

The thing that really bothers me is the one thing nearly all of these people have in common: cell phones. They all have one hand on the phone (pressed tightly to their ear) , and the other hand on the steering wheel, and rarely put much effort into where they're going. A good majority of them are younger drivers (late teens or early twenties) and, unfortunately, are giving the rest of us younger adults (myself being 23) a bad rap.

We all know cell phones are a distraction when we're driving. If the phone is in use, the car should be parked.... period. If the driver can't pull over, then hand the phone to the passenger, or don't take the call.

Cell phones can cause many kinds of distractions (in formal settings, etc), but a distracted driver is more than a simple irritation, he or she is a safety threat.

I'm not against cell phones... in fact, I find them to be very practical - if used properly. However, in my book, using a headset (thus, freeing one hand from the phone) is not an acceptable solution. The phone is a distraction no matter how it's used.

If you're a parent who has children with cell phones, please talk to them about the dangers of using a cell phone while behind the wheel. If you're a responsible cell phone user, I appreciate your responsibility.

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