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Plan a camping trip for the whole family to enjoy

With the camping season upon us, many residents are itching to get out and enjoy the scenic landscape that surrounds the Carbon County area. Unfortunately, many parents leave home without checking to make sure that everything that may be needed during the trip is in place. Many times, parents plan trips without the children in mind. Camping is a family recreation, don't just plan around adult or children activities alike. A camping trip is for parents and children together.

In order to make the best out of a family camping trip, the following tips may come in handy.

•Choose a good place. Research the recreation area well so problems can be avoided later on. If there are young children, choose a place where these children will be able to be suprvised.

•Although some animals are well-behaved at campgrounds, animals should be left behind at home if there are children to care for.

•First aid tips. To avoid sunburn while camping, sunscreen should be applied generously. If sunburn occurs easily, a hat should be worn also.

•While camping one may encounter many plants that have never been seen before, so keep eyes open! Poison oak seems to be more dangerous at higher elevations, so avoid it.

Safety is the main concern when camping, especially when children are in attendance. It is usually unevitable that a child will be hurt or will get into something they shouldn't when miles away from emergency help. Items that should be packed in a first aid kit include:

•A good first aid manual.

•Emergency blanket.

•Instant cold pack.

•Medical tape.


•Elastic wrap bandage.

•Gauze pads.

•Antiseptic wipes.

•Lip Balm with sun protection.

•Neosporin or first aid creme.

•Tylenol or other adult pain reliever.

•Non-aspirin pain reliever for children.

•Burn ointment.

•Insect repellant.

•Calamine lotion.


Proper planning for any outdoor activity is beneficial. The short amount of time that planning takes can save a lifetime of regrets.

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