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Letter to the Editor: Bashing not the way

Salt Lake City


In the first presidential debate, I was hoping to hear two things.

First, I wanted to hear John Kerry back up his past and vague comments to every question of "I will get it done". I was hoping to hear him elaborate more on how he is going to get it done if he is voted in as President. Also wanted to hear more on what his plan would be in helping the American people, instead of continually bashing our current President of what he and his father, George Bush Senior, has done wrong in the past.

Second, I noticed that President Bush had stumbled on a few answers in the debate. I would have liked to see a quicker response to important topics.

This debate made it clear: That George Bush is the leader because he has not stooped to his opponents repetitive bashing comments that Kerry has continued to do so far through this whole campaign.

Overall, I believe that the bashing approach is not very appealing to the American people who will be voting.

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