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Armstrong outlines emergency preparedness plans in Carbon schools

Dave Armstrong, superintendent of Carbon School District assures parents and guardians that school is successfully underway and operating very smoothly. "We have just completed our first parent teacher conferences. It appears that many people communicated with their children's teachers, and we appreciate parental support of education," he says.

Armstrong points out that teachers, administrators, and other personnel in the Carbon District are committed to the educational success of the children in our community. "Our entire family of educators focuses on ensuring that all children learn in a positive and productive educational setting, and that they achieve their educational potential," he adds.

The district receives questions regarding emergency procedures and other safety issues in our schools. Armstrong points out that parents want to know how to reach their children if the school or district has an emergency. As the community spotlights emergency preparedness, he reviewed some issues and procedures related to student safety.

First of all, "be assured that when a traumatic event takes place in one or more of our schools, an effective crisis plan is in place," he says. Most often, an administrator is the first to be alerted to a crisis. He or she contacts the designated crisis team leader who reports immediately to the building supervisor. They quickly address the crisis with appropriate staff and outside agencies, if needed. The plan centers on the physical and emotional safety of students and staff. Parents and guardians of traumatized students are contacted as soon as possible, crisis team personnel provide individual and group counseling, and specified personnel account for the students' whereabouts. Follow-up crisis interventions are provided for students whose parents and educators feel need further assistance.

Secondly, comprehensive emergency plans are frequently revised, improved, and practiced at our schools. Drills for natural and man made disasters will be routinely accomplished this school year. While there will be some disruption to the educational routine, this practice is essential to the long term safety of our students.

Armstrong requests that parents help their child(ren) understand and not be frightened by the drills.

Thirdly, the district welcomes parents and guadians in our schools. "Help us by reporting to the main office when you enter the building. We need to know who is in our children's schools as a matter of safety," he requests.

Finally, one of the most helpful contributions parents can make to the orderly operation of their children's schools is to report changes in phone numbers and addresses to the school secretary. "We need current information on how to locate you." says Armstrong, adding, "we appreciate your support of teaching and learning in Carbon School District. We invite you to talk over ideas, issues, and concerns with our educators and administrators."

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