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Letter to the Editor: Celebration was a success



On Sept. 11, 2001 Margaret Wahlstrom's (Kaysville) mother-in-law and sister-in-law were killed when American flight #11 flew into the World Trade Center. When Margaret came to Price to speak at Carbon High School, planned by student Loni Cammans, she was very unfamiliar with this area, other than her state PTA assignments. She was discouraged with grief and pain of losing such dear family members. With the outpouring of love she receiving from this community, she developed a special love for Carbon County. Recently she told me, through this experience she felt an emotional high for several months from her appearance here.

When I was asked by Mayor Joe Piccolo to play the "American Heros" even on 9-11, this year, I immediately called and invited her to return and speak. Margarget has been organizing and fundraising for a monument in the Botanical Gardens in Kaysville which was to be dedicated on the same day. With her deep regrets she said she was not able to make it to our community.

Margaret recommended Dan and Rosemary Ferrin as speakers for our 9-11 event, "American Heroes". The Ferrin's son, Clint, was killed this past March in Iraq fighting for our freedom. With this as their first public speaking appearance, they were so touched by the ourpouring of love and support they received while visiting and speaking in Price. Their message was clear and heartfelt expressing the love for their country and the amount of service our military is doing in Iraq, they received a standing ovation (and many hugs). May we learn from the Wahstrom's and Ferrin's, to act on our priorities and stand up for our values and freedom. True patriotism starts with one heart, spreading into our homes, then strengthens a community and builds a stronger nation.

What an outstanding opportunity we had blending communities to work together in remembering the victims of 9-11, our local heroes, fallen soldiers, veterans, military personnel, mine search and rescue and Price City public works.

There were many people who helped in time consuming efforts and along with sharing their talent to make this night a success.

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