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Letter to the Editor: Made our day

Camp Point Ill.


We are retired and had the privilege of starting a trip in July from our home in Illinois and found ourselves in Price to visit some dear friends we hadn't seen for over 30 years. We enjoyed the museum, the local restaurants, and the beautiful mountains.

My reason for writing was to brag about a citizen that was so kind to us. We were at a local station on Hwy. 10 coming from the south. We stopped to find the directions to the Lacotta home. Most people didn't know the street. I went back outside and a young man asked if he could help. I explained my situation to him. He said he worked for the gas company and maybe could help. He looked at the map, called his office and found the place. He said he was headed that way and for us to follow him. He took us to the front door. They were very surprised to see us!

The young man's name was Ross and he was very kind and a great representative for your city. He made our day and restored our faith in mankind once again.

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