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Carbon Dino soccer ties Grand in overtime match

Sun Advocate reporter

With only two games remaining in her soccer career, Carbon senior Mikaleen Loveless was able to capture her first goal in four years of play.

The goal was enough to give Carbon a 1-1 tie on the road against Grand High School.

"It was a pretty shot," Carbon coach Tanya Henrie commented. "She was way outside the box but she took the chance."

Some elements of the game were not so exciting for the Carbon crowd, however. Because Moab is located in such a far away location from most officials, it is difficult for the team to get referees for the game.

As a result, it is often parents or people with ties to the team that officiate Grand's home games.

Henrie said she felt that the game was allowed to get a little too physical and Grand took advantage of it.

"Our girls got pretty beat up but we played our game and we played fair," she pointed out.

Both teams scored their goal in overtime. According to Henrie, the format was different than games in the past. After 10 minutes of overtime, the teams switched sides and played a second 10 minute period.

Carbon nearly had the game won with Loveless' goal, but Grand was able to sneak one past Carbon in the final two minutes of the second overtime.

"We just got a little more tired than they did," Henrie indicated.

Carbon will conclude the 2004 season on Oct. 5 against Lehi.

Lehi has dominated the Region 8 teams so far this season but will be reclassified as a 4A school for the 2005-2006 school year, leaving room at the top for a blossoming Carbon program.

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