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Price students carry message to Mexico

A group of students from Price Chapel joined other students this past July for a missions week to Mexico on a construction job. Four adults and 18 students, all junior and senior high, were among over 98 students to help build a large patio extension to a church and conduct children's ministry programs in local parks.

Also attending were several students from East Carbon, as well as Bellingham, Wash., and Draper and St. George.

Coordinated by Shawn Bagley, youth pastor at Price Chapel, the trip instilled the importance of serving others. "When you see a need, you fill it," he says, explaining that this was his seventh mission trip to Mexico. The patio was built in Jaurez, Mexico, just south of El Paso, Texas.

"The purpose of the trip was to help others who don't have as much," says Bagley, adding, "We work with the students to instill the necessity of serving others. When they see a need to help in any way they can. This is a cross cultural ministry experience where they see a different way of living."

He also says that the experience teaches the local students some new skills, working with concrete, re bar and construction.

Besides the construction project the kids also played games and presented bible lessons to people in local parks.

"The kids loved it. They want to go back," summarized Bagley.

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