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Letter to the Editor: Offensiveness should be weighed equally



It has come to my attention that a particular sign in a business downtown that depicted Popeye's bare rear end has offended certain members of the community. While neither I nor my oldest son, who is ten, saw anything particularly offensive about the sign, I can see where some might be offended, however ridiculous it may seem to the rest of us.

What astounds me is the shirt hanging in the window of the shop next door which reads had a double meaning concerning genitalia on a face. If we are going to legislate morality and good taste let us do so fairly. Is Popeye's cartoon moon more offensive because it is in the window of a tattoo salon, a place reviled by many of the moral majority?

The shirt in the other shop is blatant _______ography. How would the people who are offended by the sign react if my ten-year-old were to repeat the contents of the shirt to their daughter?

He thought it was funny, and I had to explain to him that even though it was on public display, the entire concept was offensive, and he would be punished if he were to repeat it. I do not want my children going around asking people if their genatalia is on their face. It is ludicrous to believe that is acceptable, it even offended my liberal sentimentality..

If I were given the choice, I would much rather my children be exposed to Popeye's bare butt.

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