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Rabbits get fast start, but Dinos win the race

Sports writer

Carbon's Eric Vigor drives toward first base as his hit is intercepted by the Rabbit infield and sent to first base.

Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? The hare gets a fast start and then lays down before the finish line because he is so far ahead. The tortoise passes him and wins the race.

Well, the baseball game between the baseball game between the Dinos of Carbon and the Delta Rabbits was somewhat like that on Tuesday evening. Delta got off to a fast start, and Carbon was a little slow getting into it, but in the end the strength the Dinos took over and won the game 8-2.

It was also the last time a player well known to Carbon fans for many of his athletic accomplishments played on the Dino field: David "Storm" Singleton, the smart and fiery player from Delta who has battled Carbon in football, wrestling and baseball over the years is finally through with coming to Carbon for high school ball. And his send-off was rude, but satisfying for the Dinos.

In the first inning neither team did much, but in the second Delta was able to score two runs with Singleton being the first one driven in by a teammate's bat.

However that was the last time any Rabbit player saw first base after running round the other three. Carbon then took the game over, but for a few minutes no one was sure they could.

The Dinos got a couple of players on base, but left them stranded in the bottom of the second. And then came the third period.

Delta hit a double and then Singleton was walked on an umpires call. Then another Delta player got on base and the pads were loaded. With no outs it looked very bleak; Carbon could have easily got behind 5-0.

But Troy Grundy, a sophomore pitcher came through and basically disassembled the next three batters, leaving Singleton and his friends standing on their bases in disbelief.

Then Carbon was up again, and failed to score. But after the top of the fourth, when Delta couldn't buy a hit as Grundy's pitches seemed to jump over the Rabbit's bats, the Dinos took over.

They tied the score up in the bottom of the fourth and held offa Delta charge in the top of the fifth. Again Carbon took apart the second Delta pitcher and they were up 4-2.

Delta was unable to get anyone over home plate in the sixth and it was then that the sky opened up and Carbon driven balls fell all over the field. Four runs destroyed the Rabbits morale.

With only one inning to go, Delta folded and Carbon had won without even having to finish out the seventh.

The Dinos are now 3-0 in league play and 9-4 overall. They are in a good position to win the Region 8 championship once again. The next home game is today (Thursday) against Wasatch at 3 p.m.

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