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Letter to the Editor: Not the same as colonial Minute Men



As I listen to these many debates one statement. in particular captured my attention.

It was someone obviously believing he could gain some favor in the eyes of Americans during the electoral season, or badly damage his opponent.

He said that the terrorists over there might be "just as well to win". I think that was the correct quote. Or maybe more precisely "hope they win in their cause."

I think he also refers to them as "Minute Men" in reference to, perhaps the Minute Man militia from our own colonial Army that won this countrys freedom. I'm sure it resembles them in some way, as men defending their countrv. A few distinguishable differences perhaps.

That which stands out most predominantly in my mind would be that theirs is not a cause so noble as perhaps that for which the revolutionaries fought, however.

Another obvious difference, being that I don't think our own Minute Man militia ever demonstrated such overwhelming destruction and an obvious disregard for the lives of citizens of their newly formed nation.

These peoples' hatred goes far beyond rational reasoning. These insurgents cling to only hate. It transcends all reason and logic. The bitterness goes beyond geographic or territorial intrusion. Theirs is one of jealousy, hatred and vendetta. And every American life taken celebrates another victory even in light of the insurmountable loss that is suffered by themselves. Their only concern is that the casualties sustained didn't deplete their overall capability to continue to render harassment and death.

It will be interesting to observe what transpires in the near future.

Will Al Quida systematically surrender to the hopes for peace, throwing themselves upon the terrorist tribunal. Or is all this political jockeying, perhaps only to gain more sympathy in the eyes of the world?

One tliing I will always believe is that as much as I love this country, there will be someone that hates it just as much.

This kind of hate doesn't just "get happy" or go away.

The people that might be fighting in this "cause" are not the same as the noble Minute Men that won this country's freedom.

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