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Labor Day weekend report

Before heading out for the long Labor Day weekend, Carbon County residents are reminded to be keep safety as a first priority.

Utah reservoirs scheduled to be open for the weekend include: Bear Lake State Park Marina; Deer Creek State Park; East Canyon State Park; Wide Hollow at Escalante State Park; Great Salt Lake State Park Marina; Gunlock State Park; Huntington State Park; Hyrum Lake State Park; Jordanelle State Park; Millsite State Park; Otter Creek State Park; Palisade State Park; Quail Creek State Park; Red Fleet State Park; Rockport State Park; Sand Hollow State Park; Scofield State Park - Madsen Bay ramp is closed but Mountain View ramp is open; Starvation State Park; Steinaker State Park; Willard Bay State Park - South Marina is closed, only small boats have been able to launch from the north marina. Water depth in the marina is about one foot deep. Watch for hazards.

Utah State Parks and Recreation urges the public to ride safely and responsibly over the Labor Day weekend. Riders should be properly trained, prepared and ride in a responsible manner.

•Always wear a safety-rated and properly fitted helmet, goggles, clothes which cover arms and legs, and over-the-ankle boots.

•Check mechanical controls and safety devices on all machines before riding to ensure proper operation.

•Do not take alcohol or drugs along for the ride.

•Ride OHVs only in areas designated for their use. The best way to protect riding privileges is to stay on the trail.

•Do not carry passengers on single-person machines. However, never ride alone and always let someone know the itinerary.

•Carry tools and survival gear in the event of changing weather conditions and mechanical failure.

•Respect closed areas and private property. Don't cut switchbacks or take shortcuts.

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