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Letter to the Editor: Helper can't default without consequences

Helper, (in address, but not taxes)


I didn't attend the meeting about the increase in taxes for Helper City. I have a Helper address but do not pay Helper City taxes. But I think that someone needs to explain about the repayment on Rio Theater grant.

A couple of people suggested saving money by defaulting on the repayment of the grant. Others said don't hire anyone new even if the grant requires it.

If Helper City defaults on that grant, by not paying or by not completing the requirement of the grant, the upcoming hires, Helper will never get any more grants, ever. This means for the police, the fire department, the library, the parks and most important, the new pool.

The State of Utah has a very long memory and will hold a default against Helper for any and all grant applications in the future. Helper cannot save money now without forfeiting huge amounts in the future.

I don't envy the mayor or the city council in having to make these tough decisions, but I do believe they are doing their very best.

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