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Carbon Country Club golf course, hole 15 and 16

Sun Advocate reporter

The 15th and 16th holes of Carbon Country Club golf course are scoring holes, according to course pro Tom King.

Fifteen is a short par five which is reachable in two. Long hitters will normally hit a three wood or two iron off the tee followed by a middle iron into the green.

Players should take advantage of the 15th hole's short length and straight forward design.

King reminds golfers to avoid hitting left on any shot, due to the left hand water hazard.

Take into account the elevated green when selecting a club. Golfers can often end up with their ball in the cedar tree short of the green.

"That tree has caught a lot of balls," King pointed out.

Toughest pin placement is back right, as it is hard to get to.

Hopefully, a successful 15th hole can be followed by a low score at the 16th.

With out of bounds left and water fronting the green, the smartest tee shot is a layup with a seven or eight iron, leaving 100 to 150 yards to the green.

However, long players can hit on in one if they are accurate with the tee shot.

"If you try to get too cute, especially to a front right pin, you'll leave it short and it will roll into the pond," King reminds.

The 16th green is very shallow, and golfers need to take care to aim for the center of the green.

Sloping also adds to its difficulty. With a significant slope from back to front and left to right, players need to be watchful not to land their ball in the pond.

However, for the easiest putt, balls should always be left below the hole.

King advises players to take advantage of the shorter holes on the back side of the course.

"The back is so short, its a scoring nine," King commented.

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