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Food bank honors volunteers

Dondra Nance, director of the Food Bank stands in the storage area of the Food Bank with outstanding volunteers James Bonacci and Dell Cloward.

It was a time to honor and celebrate the many volunteers of the Carbon County Food Bank. And the food bank has a lot to celebrate. It served 1310 families last year and distributed 6157 emergency boxes of food. Donations amounted to 67,670 pounds of food. It takes a lot of volunteers to organize the food drives, pick up the food, help unload it, and then make sure that it is distributed to those people who are in need. On Friday, July 30 the food bank hosted a picnic to show its appreciation to its many volunteers and select a volunteer of the year.

James Bonacci was honored with the award and two of his peers were also credited for their outstanding service. Dell Cloward and Lynette Tucker were recognized as runners up for the award.

Dondra J. Nance, director of the program was glowing when she made the announcement, stating, "We made a difference." she continued by stating that, "The Food Bank couldn't have done it without the humility, hard work, patience, humor, and support of all the volunteers, community agencies and emergency work program participants."

They assisted 118 households with financial assistance for housing situations and 68 households to avoid utility shut-off.

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