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Letter to the Editor: People of Price one-of-a-kind



What a wonderful place Price is and what wonderful people live here. As a brand new resident of Price and college student, when my car on the way to Price began to fail me, I became worried about who I might get to repair my car. Not that I was worried about finding a mechanic to repair it, but after having heard horror stories about different people being taken advantage of by unknown and devious mechanics, I became worried that the same thing might happen to me.

But my experience at a local shop was quite different. Although I knew nothing about the mechanics working there, I was told by a friend that I would find no better service in town. Not only was he right about the superior service, but I was literally treated by the owner, like a long lost friend. Never have I had the pleasure of associating with a mechanic so forgiving and willing to work with a person with almost no mechanical experience.

The owner and his mechanics were the most kind, knowledgeable, and hospitable people that there are.

The people of Price truly are a one-of-a-kind.

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