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King Crawlers host ramp travel index competition

Open class winner Delbert Randal tests the suspension of his tube buggy on the ramp travel index on July 31. He topped a perfect score with 1,059.

A crowd gathered at Washington Park on July 31 to watch eighteen drivers push their 4x4 rigs to the limit.

Street legal and open class vehicles tested their suspension on the ramp travel index (RTI)

In the open class, Delbert Randall's tube buggy stole first place with a score of 1,059. A perfect score is classified as 1,000, the point at which one tire has travelled the full length of the vehicle's wheel base up the ramp without lifting any of the other three tires. Sterling Kissinger's tube frame buggy took a close second with 1,013.5 points and Shane Herzog pulled in a strong score of 970.8 to secure third place.

Quinn Hussey's 1986 Suzuki Samurai also topped the perfect score with 1,048.7 to win first place in the street class division. Adam Robinson's 1989 Jeep YJ scored a perfect 1,000 to take second place and Erik Cossins' 1973 GMC took third place with a score of 890.1.

King Crawler President Scott Edwards chose not to compete, but demonstrated that his 1978 Chevy Blazer could climb to a full 1,283 with his self-built suspension.

The Castle Country King Crawlers are a local 4x4 group, which has collaborated with the county to build a 4x4 challenge park and keep the trails open to the area.

Another event will be hosted by the club on Aug. 14 in the new challange park just south of the Price fairgrounds. Trucks will be competing in a mud bog, a tug-of-war and a rock garden to see which driver will be named king. Competitors can also try their luck at the tire pit or RTI ramp.

Events begin at 10 a.m. and run throughout the day. In addition, there will be an ATV mud bog competition and a dash for cash in which members of the audience will be able to volunteer to dive into the mud in search of money and prizes. Children five and under are free.

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