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Letter to the Editor: Great Hunt relocation took great effort



Having spent a few days in Nine Mile Canyon recently and discovering that the road has already been rerouted away from The Great Hunt petroglyph panel in Cottonwood Canyon, I feel wonderful about this project be expedited so quickly and beautifully. The new route not only serves to protect this world-renowned archaeological treasure from residual dust and vibration from traffic, but it is also presents a very aesthetically pleasing view of the panel as it is viewed through trees from the scenic back country byway. A planned picnic area, rest rooms, trails, landscaping and interpretive signs will soon be in place to enhance the visitor's experience.

This project was organized by the Nine Mile Canyon Advisory Committee, a collective group of individuals and organizations representing a variety of backgrounds to achieve responsible multiple use of the resources as well as preserving this archaeological wonder called Nine Mile Canyon.

Organizations and individuals represented on the committee include the Carbon County Commissioners and appropriate county officials, the Nine Mile Canyon Coalition, Bill Barrett Corporation, Castle Valley Chapter of the Utah Statewide Archaeological Society, Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining, the College of Eastern Utah, the Bureau of Land Management, the State of Utah and the State's School & Institutional Trust Lands Administration, Castle Country Travel Region, the Nine Mile Ranch Bunk & Breakfast, committee co-chair Steve Tanner, and others. People owe those that have put so much thought, time, energy and money into this monumental project. This is a great example of a community of organizations and individuals coming together for the common good.

I know the efforts of these people will be valued and appreciated for many years and generations to come.

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