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Fresh Reminders: a Perfect Wedding Deserves Perfect Flowers

Sun Advocate publisher

Kerstina Thayn designs a bouquet.

A lot of people feel that a wedding is just not a wedding without flowers. The trend is going back to fresh flowers after a run of years where people were choosing silk flowers. Flowers are playing greater and greater rolls in wedding plans. In interviews this week with Jackie Davis from Price Floral, Marla Roberts and Denise Knowlden from Roberts Floral Gifts and Beth Procrarione and Kerstina Thayn from Love Floral we were told how trends are changing when it comes to flowers and weddings. Although each designer and flower shop has their own style several there are specific trends that go across the board. The trend for more flowers in weddings, including decorating the church or the garden area, various tables, (head table at the reception, the guest book, the gift area) and the wedding cake appears to be increasing.

Specific flowers in the bride's bouquet seem to be similar as well with a lot of roses. However the designers at Roberts Floral say they are getting more requests for whites and pinks, while Love floral says they have seen a lot of requests this summer for brighter, wild flowers such as reds and yellows. Davis says that royal purple is in but all agree that roses top the list of the most requested flower. Besides roses Calla Lilies are also very popular.

Simple seems to be more popular that the large bouquets of the past. "Less is more," says Marla Roberts.

Marla Roberts uses pancies to tie in the cake with the entire wedding.

Each of the flower centers provide extensive consulting when it comes to choses in selecting styles, colors, and flower types working with the bride and her family around specific budgets.

One of the areas that has changed in the past 20 years is the cake and how flowers bring the whole wedding together, including the cake. At one point the baker would prepare the cake complete with icing that matched the wedding, however now today's weddings find it customary to have the cake based and all the decorating is done by the floral designer. "Cakes have become an event all in themselves," says Jackie Davis.

Besides the customer bridal bouquet, flowers carried by the bridesmaids and family members flowers are also a large part of the entire celebration. Often people use rented archways, pillars, candleobras and stands to accent the church or reception area.

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