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Labor relations board reviewing Co-op union election case

UMWA attorney Richard Rosenblatt addresses a point regarding union representation at Co-op coal mine during last week's hearing in Price. National Labor Relations Board hearing officer Nancy Brandt presided over the proceedings, which started Tuesday and ended Wednesday.

Lawyers for the two sides will have until early August to present briefs in Denver, Colo.. The NLRB will review the case and make a decision regarding which Co-op workers can vote in an election.

The United Mine Workers of America contends that Co-op employees affiliated with the Kingston religious order should be disqualified from participating in an election. The UMWA maintains that members of the Kingston group are working for the good of the religious order rather than for wages.

Supporters of the Co-op miners and UMWA officials hope the labor board will render a decision in a couple of weeks so an election can be conducted before the end of August.

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