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Letter to the Editor: Educators certainly try



I am writing this in repsonse to Lynette Marsings letter (Sun Advocate, July 13 )about Dr. Armstrong's radio interview discussing full day kindergarten.

First of all I am a strong proponent of options in our education system. Full day kindergarten might not be right for every child but I know that for the two of my four children who did recieve full day kindergarten it was better than half day. In fact it was better by far. And, it was not better because they were away from home, it was better because they were ready for, and needed, the education that was offered. I certainly did not use it as "babysitting."

Secondly, I don't believe full day kindergarten is in anyway comparable to communist governments, nor do I think most people would agree that public education is trying to be a substitute for parenting. Did you know that it is actually a state law that parents be involved in their child's education? And, did you know that parent involvement truly is very low at some of our schools?

Thirdly, I would like to address a direct quote from her letter. She said, "I hear complaints from educators about parents not being involved in their children's education, and yet the school district is sending the message that they are much better at raising children than parents are." If that is the truth, then why does our school district have a parent liaison whose sole reponsibility it is to teach and encourage parents to be more involved in their child's education?

I commend you Mrs. Marsing, for caring about your children and wanting what is best for them. I applaud your willingness to speak out on issues that you feel affect your children's education. However, I am disenheartened that you spoke without learning all the facts and I am sad that you chose to take Dr. Armstrong's comments so personally.

Despite educators best efforts they cannot always accommodate every child, but I know they try.

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