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Letter to the Editor: Isn't it personal property

East Carbon


Can anyone tell me why the lots at the cemetery are not treated as personal property? What I am referring to is the way the cemetery is supervised as far as your decorations are concerned.

Why is it that certain objects are alright there but some people have their loved ones property continually taken by the staff running the cemetery.

We have tried to make a beautiful area that my Father would appreciate by putting a shepherds hook with flowers on it and it is continually pulled out and discarded. I recently found a pile of them behind the shed that is located at the top of the cemetery, so if others are wondering where theirs are, all they have to do is look there!

How can the staff decide who can have those and who cannot? There are still some standing but not everyone's. It's a sick feeling to visit your family graveside and see the money and effort you put into it just gone, with no explanation and no written signs anywhere on the fences.

We happen to want our plots continually decorated and never left empty. Doesn't the property we purchase belong to us anymore?

I don't have a problem with the times when its posted that they are going to be cleaned out, but what about the rest of the year? i know they use large lawn mowers to do a quicker job but can't the city have someone just trim the stones?

Finally if the policies at the City Cemetery have changed for certain items left on graves shouldn't we be notified??

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