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Letter to the Editor: America lost credibility



I can't help but vehemently disagree with Brenda Conner's letter ("Terrorists Beware" Sun Advocate June 8), condoning our American soldier's treatment of the Iraqi prisons.

America lost immeasurable credibility and more authority resulting from the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. Determined and tough interrogations are essential in war, but what occurred at Abu Ghraib was heinous. We were nationally shamed by such behavior and rightly so. As a nation we knew immediately it was all wrong. Many Arab leaders are moral hypocrites, but America should not fall to that level.

Our enemies might commit such atrocities, but we don't. And more eminently, their actions should not dictate our actions. To say we can act like that because they do makes us as weak and morally bankrupt as they.

Aren't we the good guys in this horrid conflagration? But what if the good guys lose their moral compass? Then what? America is not what those prison pictures show us to be.

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