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Carbon Country Club golf course, hole 10

Sun Advocate reporter

Hazards abound on the par four 10th hole. Risky players can take their chances to reach the green in one.

Before the addition of a back nine to turn the Carbon Country Club into an 18 hole course, the 10th served as the first hole on the front nine.

However, the short par four is still the quirky, fun hole it was before the conversion.

Although the 270 yard hole can easily yield a good score, there are a lot of little hazards to make it complicated and have the potential to mar a scorecard.

A water hazard and out of bounds threaten on the left of the fairway, while the out of bounds on the right side of the hole waits for slicers.

The green is fronted by a lake and has a lataral hazard immediately behind it. The right bunker hugging the green is often a good bail-out choice.

The optimal play from the tee box is a 150 to 200 yard iron shot to the center of the fairway. Players will be left with a 75 to 100 yard approach shot to the green.

For players who want to go for the reachable green, aim right. The small green is wide but lacks depth and a miscalculated or miss hit shot can end up in the left or back water.

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