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St. Anthony's Sewing Circle: One stitch at a time

Sun Advocate reporter

Every Monday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., the basement of the St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church is alive with the animated chatter and giggles of the Sewing Club.

"It used to be in the evening but it got too bad to drive," member Rose Perrero commented.

Father Pellegrino asked the ladies to begin the sewing group as a way to raise a little extra money for the church.

Since the first meeting on April 18, 1985, participants have come and gone.

However, Perrero and Rosemary Topolovec, the only remaining original members of the group, say they are still able to 'coerce' others into coming.

Now at every bazaar and carnival, the handmade goods of the lively ladies can be found.

Their best seller is the dish towel.

Perrero said that the club was intended to be a quilting club. However, several of the members didn't know how to quilt so they added their own crafts to the mix.

Now, Sewing Club does everything from embroidery and crocheting to quilting and other crafts.

According to the group, the Sewing Club is a great way to get out of the house, socialize with friends "and solve the world's problems".

"You get old and you're retired and you kind of get out of the social thing and that's not good," stated Ramona Milano. "You've got to get out."

The first project the group undertook was a teddy bear quilt, which was won in a raffle by former Chief of Police Joe Meyers.

"He was in the height of his glory," joked Topolovic.

The women agree that getting others to come is the hardest part.

"I tell them don't make a dentist or a doctor's appointment," pointed out Perrero.

So on a free afternoon, 5 South Main in Helper is the place to be.

The ladies say interested particpants can come as they are; they'll provide the thread and needle.

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