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Letter to the Editor: What they want is power

Spring Glen


Stephen Bloch, the attorney representing Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance writes that Ken Larson's editorial does not accurately portray the efforts of SUWA. He states further than SUWA has not sought signatures on a petition in front of Walmart or anywhere else in Carbon County. He goes on to say that SUWA does canvas neighborhoods along the Wasatch Front and in other communities throughout the state.

I have a feeling that Mr. Bloch tells only that portion of the truth that he wants us to hear. He does not reveal, for instance, that SUWA was canvassing hard with their petition at the doors of the Kmart in Spanish Fork. I suspect that many, if not most, of the signatures on that petition were not obtained during canvas of neighborhoods; as might be inferred from his statements. I also see a red flag in the fact that they are seeking signatures on a petition everywhere but in Carbon County on a matter that is of vital concern to those of us who live here in Carbon County. Does something smell here?

I have lived in Carbon County for most of six decades and I have come to believe that the SUWA is not really about the environment; it is about power. We common citizens, most of us anyway, are concerned about the environment and have done a pretty good job of preserving it without the help of the SUWA. Our fathers and grandfathers, and we ourselves, have long trod over these same lands that SUWA now finds to be pristine and seeks to lock us off.

No, friends and neighbors, I think the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance isn't even about Utah. Only 5 of the 14 total members of their advisory board are from Utah. All other members are from the other states including Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. They have a large number of paid staff, a very large payroll, which I imagine is funded largely from out of state interests. Over the years I have heard what they say and I have watched what they do. Their actions, not their words have clearly mirrored their agenda. A SUWA advocate will tell you that they are doing what is right to ensure that special places are around for future generations to marvel and enjoy.

Take that with a grain of salt. We have already been there, done that. What those boys want is power, pure and simple.

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