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U.S. Government Earmarks Pilt Monies for Carbon County, Utah

Sun Advocate community editor

The United States government will allocate $607,827 in federal payment in lieu of tax monies to Carbon County.

The payments will compensate Carbon for 436,238 acres of tax-exempt federal land located within the county's boundaries.

At the state level, Utah will receive $19,136,869 under the Payment in Lieu of Taxes Act. The PILT revenues are allocated to the states to compensate local governments for property taxes lost due to the existence of exempt federal lands within the jurisdiction of the counties.

"These important dollars help states offset the loss of tax revenues to counties that contain federal lands," pointed out U.S. Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton. "This money helps pay for essential services such as fire fighting, search and rescue operations and a host of other badly needed on the ground services."

The revenues distributed by the federal government to Utah will be allocated to all 29 counties eligible under the PILT program. The $19 million Utah will receive during the current year represents a $479,992 increase compared the 2003 fiscal year.

In addition to Carbon, the U.S. government has allocated the following payments in lieu of taxes for local governments in Utah:

Beaver County, $518,276 for 1,284,507 acres.

Box Elder, $1,667,289 for 1,200,801 acres.

Cache County, $357,914 for 268,136 acres.

Daggett County, $68,468 for 361,016 acres.

Davis County, $43,334 for 33,952 acres.

Duchesne, $773,729 for 890,535 acres.

Emery County, $695,352 for 2,254,642 acres.

Garfield County, $428,693 for 2,609,567 acres.

Grand County, $640,349 for 1,724,301 acres.

Iron County, $1,525,195 for 1,241,023 acres.

Juab County, $632,325 for 1,522,937 acres.

Kane County, $513,297 for 2,301,891 acres.

Millard County, $722,764 for 3,370,705 acres.

Morgan County, $19,962 for 15,818 acres.

Piute County, $113,302 for 354,916 acres.

Rich County, $180,963 for 220,463 acres.

Salt Lake County, $121,283 for 96,163 acres.

San Juan County, $790,844 for 3,058,851 acres.

Sanpete County, $724,561 for 531,577 acres.

Sevier County, $951,083 for 956,728 acres.

Summit County, $620,046 for 507,141 acres.

Tooele County, $1,783,634 for 2,050,199 acres.

Uintah County, $1,217,004 for 1,830,930 acres.

Utah County, $935,233 for 679,408 acres.

Wasatch County, $590,234 for 455,057 acres.

Washington, $1,556,724 for 1,148,573 acre.

Wayne County, $240,126 for 1,327,754 acres.

Weber County, $97,058 for 76,797 acres.

The local governments in Utah earmarked to receive the largest federal PILT payments are Tooele, Box Elder and Washington counties

The money to fund the United States' payment in lieu of tax program comes from commercial activities conducted on federal lands.

Examples of the commercial activities include oil and gas mineral leasing, livestock grazing and timber harvesting.

Counties may use the federal PILT payments for any governmental purpose.

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