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Fire marshal closes open burn season in Carbon County, Utah

The 2004 open burn fire season has closed and the fact is an important thing for many Castle Valley residents to know, particularly local citizens who burn for agricultural purposes.

In order to use fire for agricultural purposes outside any city limits individuals need a permit and to also notify the appropriate authorities.

The closed fire season occurs annually between June 1 and October 31.

However, the Utah State Forester's Office can close the fire season early in the spring or keep it closed later into fall if deemed necessary.

Before controlled burns, private property owners in Carbon County should contact the Utah State Division of Forestry's fire and state land office in Moab to obtain a no-fee permit.

Local residents conducting burns without permission are subject to criminal prosecution on a class B misdemeanor category charge, indicated the state fire marshal's office.

Next, the private land owners should contact public safety dispatch center in Price. Residents should advise dispatchers that they plan on using fire for agricultural purposes.

Local authorities need to know when and where fire will be used for controlled burns, stressed the state office. People who see smoke in the air have a tendency to report the situations to dispatch centers.

If smoke is sighted and appropriate contacts have not been made, local, state and federal resources may be dispatched to the scene of a blaze.

Individuals involved in controlled burns who fail to obtain permits and contact dispatchers are responsible for covering the expenses associated with emergency crews responding to the scenes.

Local, state and federal officials also caution Carbon residents to have tools like shovels and a running supply of water handy in the case of a mishap.

The officials also warn residents to arrange for adequate assistance before starting ground fires and call the dispatch center immediately in the event problems should occur with controlled burns.

Once the authorized burns are completed, residents should let local authorities know that the projects are finished.

For additional information on current open burn and statewide fire restrictions, residents with Internet access may visit

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