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Letter to the Editor: Look how lucky we are



If you want a really fine treat and have a little time stop at the rose garden in Washington park. I really like nice roses and we have, I believe, the nicest rose garden in the state. I walked through those next the tennis court this morning and I thought I was in the French open courts. These roses were 6 to 7 ft. tall and as I walked next to the newly painted tennis courts I reminded myself how lucky I am to live in Price City. I also rode around to the other parks in the city and was equally impressed. If you walk a little, I hope you walk through the parks. The grass is just now starting to turn green and I noticed a long soaker hose used to water the newly planted flowers. This I know is used to save water and the first time I have seen this used.

I know Suda Merriman and her crew are responsible for the work and what a great job they do for us.

I also like the new signs and their names at each park. Everyone should take a few minutes and look at what has been done at the park under the overpass on the west end to the city. I have always known Price City is a great place to live and raise children and I noticed in the Sun Advocate last week we were rated as number one of the small cities to live in the state and maybe the nation.

I'm grateful to be an American citizen and live in one of the best little cities in America. Walk in the parks, play a little tennis, pitch a few horseshoes, enjoy the wave pool, cook a hamburger and be happy you live in Price.

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