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Missing boys body found on Ferron Mountain

Shaun Paul Bolton

A 14-year-old boy who has been missing since Feb. 19 was found on June 5 by three male teenage hikers on Ferron Mountain.

The body of Shaun Paul Bolton was recovered by the Emery County Sheriff's Office on June 6.

He arrived at a foster home in Castle Dale on Feb. 12. He was registered into San Rafael Junior High on Feb. 16 and attended school for two and one half days. It was determined that on the day of Feb. 19 he had not eaten lunch and was not in school after fourth period. A call came into the Emery County dispatch at 4:48 p.m. from the foster mother saying the boy had not arrived home from school.

The sheriff's office put out an attempt to locate and notified state authorities and Carbon County to aid in the search. He was also registered with the missing and runaway childrens network.

On March 28, a book bag belonging to the boy was found on Ferron Mountain by mountain lion hunters. They reportedly gave the book bag to someone who works at San Rafael Junior High. On April 1, the person with the book bag reportedly called the foster mother informing her that they had a book bag belonging to the boy which had been found in a snowdrift on Ferron Mountain.

An extensive search of the area was conducted on April 3, however due to heavy snow pack and the elapsed time from his disappearance nothing was found.

Another massive search of the Ferron Mountain area was conducted on May 5. Nothing was found.

Shaun Bolton was 5'3" tall and 110 pounds with brown hair and a fair complexion. His body has been transported to the Utah Medical Examiner for positive identification and to determine the exact cause of death.

After discovering the body on Saturday, the hikers came off the mountain and notified the Emery County Sheriff's Office.

The boy was located under a pine tree just off the road where he had removed his coat and rolled it up to use as a pillow.

The body was undisturbed in its location.

The boy had walked 24.5 miles from the junior high where he was last seen.

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