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Weekend dirt track races to take place June 12

Sprint cars fly around the Desert Thunder Raceway, seeking a first place finish. More dirt track racing action will take place this weekend on Saturday night. Races begin at 6 p.m.

The Desert Thunder Raceway will host another summer racing event on June 12 to follow up the June 5 races. Results of the June 5 event are as follows:

Mini stock - 1st Billy Rowley, 2nd Dean Hall, 3rd Mark Olsen, 4th Kevin Gurr, 5th Troy Trolin

Truck stock - 1st Mark Robinson, 2nd Dean LaCotta, 3rd Dick Godin, 4th Adam Pilling

Street stock - 1st Darin Bradley, 2nd David Dornan, 3rd Bryan Bradley, 4th Jake Johnson, 5th Nathan Hayward

Pure stock - 1st Gary Oliver, 2nd Brock Marchello, 3rd Paul Perez, 4th Dean LaCotta Sr., 5th Chris Behling

Sprint - 1st Jared Elwell, 2nd Jack Elwell, 3rd Mike Kesler, 4th Mike Cummings, 5th Chris Thomas

*trophy dash winners in italics.

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